Just Getting Good

JUST GETTING GOOD is a solo, multimedia, music concert with optional live interactive video.  

Val combines vocals and electric violin in a one-woman loop-driven pop symphony of song, created in real time onstage. Her powerful, entrancing voice and her eye-and-ear-catching six-string electric violin are augmented by the use of live-looping onstage to create something fresh and riveting. From innovative re-imaginings of cover tunes and mash-ups to multi-layered, soaring originals, audiences are left breathless by this technology-meets-art sensation of a show.



“Watching Valerie Vigoda is an experience like no other and one you and your audiences will never forget. She masterfully weaves art—in musical form—right before your eyes; you witness the moment of artistic creation, as a tapestry of musical magnificence unfolds. This is a must for all audiences everywhere and an important glimpse at the future of our industry.” 
—Keith Cromwell, Executive Director, 
Red Mountain Theatre Company (Birmingham, AL) & Board member, National Alliance of Musical Theatre 

“I was fortunate enough to present Valerie Vigoda in only her sixth performance of her looping show. It was awesome and the audience loved it. Not only was the show unbelievably energetic, but Ms. Vigoda went to our local high school and did an hour long mini-performance for the music department students. They loved her. Unique, interesting, engaging, and awesome – all words associated with Valerie’s performance!” 
—Stu Secttor, Clark State Performing Arts Center (Springfield, OH) 

“Valerie Vigoda is one of those talents that inspire both awe and a sense of joy in audiences; her solo show using looping techniques has a 21st century musicality that is hard to resist.” 
—Patricia Lynch, Executive Director, The Music Hall (Portsmouth, NH) 

“Valerie was such a delight! Her winning personality came across just as much as her musical talent and beautiful voice. The show was a hit.” 
—Christian P. Wolf, Executive Director, Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation (Torrance, CA)

Val's 'Just Getting Good' is a great show and she establishes a strong connection with the audience immediately.   With loads of talent combined with rigorous training, she creates a magical musical experience through live looping, interweaving her own songs with traditional pieces in a unique performance to totally charm our audience. 
—Gayle Berry, Executive Director, Willcox Historic Theater (Willcox, AZ) 

Val's performance here in southern Arizona was the highlight of our season.  Her warmth and interaction with the audience, amazing violin skills and beautiful choice of songs made everyone feel 'up close and personal' with an artist who shared her talents for an unforgettable evening of music. 
—Karin Topping, Executive Director, Tubac Center of the Arts (Tubac, AZ)

Cover Songs & Mash-Ups


With its dynamic interactive video projections (or without them in a stripped-down version), JUST GETTING GOOD can fill any size space—from theatres and performing arts centers to corporate events and even the occasional gathering in a private home. 

For booking information, contact: 

Rachel Cohen 
Cadence Arts Network, Inc.